Habal-Habal (Back-ride motorcycle)

Habal-Habal or backride motorcycles are widely available in Samal. Sad to say but the drivers of Samal Island have not really a good reputation. They are know to over-charge. Especially at the ports and places where drivers group together they raise the prices to sometimes 10x the real price. Paying a bit more as a tourist is also not a big problem but some prices are really ridiculous. Samal Watersports and partner hotels we use always the same guys. They don’t raise the prices and use a fixed rate. Especially for the further trips or whole day trip you better arrange a trip with a known driver. Michael is one of this known drivers who uses a fixed rate. More drivers with same rates will be added to this page. If you select another driver to do a day tour, then you can haggle about the price and base on the rates of Michael.

The Drivers on Samal Island are freelance. Samal Watersports shall not be held responsible for any accident or loss. This is just a guidance to help tourists pay the right price.



Michael Guindolman

Cell. Nr. 09 30 142 57 37


Michael is a friendly and trusted freelance motorcycle driver at Samal Island. His prices include gasoline, motorcycle and himself as driver. Entrance fees are not included. The choice is up to you if you ride at the back with 1 or 2 persons. If you want more then 1 motorcycle then you should inform Michael. He can bring one of his friends at the same rates. Feel free to call him with all your questions. Nothing extra will be charged and waiting time is included. For whole or half day, rates are the same


  • Batcave + Hagimit, Php. 850
  • Batcave + Hagimit + Kaputian Beach park, Php. 1000
  • Canibad, Php. 1000
  • Pangubatan, Php. 1000
  • Tagpoponagan, Php. 600

Please contact Michael for inquiries about other destinations


Michael Guindolman