The Bahay Kubo

The leading light in the Samal gastronomy

An enchanting near sea-side setting… elegant surroundings, with a relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere… effortless, yet impeccable, service… and of course, exquisite cuisine. Welcome to the Bahay Kubo… and to a world-class culinary experience.

Nestling just outside Penaplata, in the charming Samal Island this delightful restaurant has been serving inspirational European cuisine since 2011. Its welcoming, informal ambience belies its formidable reputation: owned by Swiss Chef Alphonso Laurent and his wife Jacqueline.

Chef Alphonso at his Bahay Kubo

After his long Culinary career Chef Alphonso and Jacqueline lost their heart at Samal Island. They settled down. Alphonso couldn’t find it on the bench in front of the porch. He felt he needed to do something. He became a teacher in iChef culinary school of Davao. This still didn’t satisfy Chef Alphonso. He opened his ”Bahay Kubo” at his house in Penaplata, Samal Island. Alphonso is doing again what he does best.

Every weekend different dishes and desserts on the menu. Ask Alphonso what wine fits the best with your food. Text Alphonso and he will include you in his menu updates. Every Thursday Alphonso updates his regular customers with the menu of the week.


Jacqueline & Alphonse Laurent
Penaplata, Samal Island
PH-9119 Davao Del Norte
+63 999 663 4703
Senior Consultant
The Bahay Kubo Restaurant & Bar

Opening hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Bahay Kubo

Bahay Kubo is located in Penaplata. from Babak this is a 20 or 30 minute motorcycle ride.