Dive Facilities

Our facility is just perfect for your needs. Tropical style with a modern touch. We have everything what’s needed for the beginning diver up to the dive professionals.

The Samal Watersports Dive Shop is strategically located in the heart of Samal Island, at the white beach of Precious Garden Hotel and Beach Resort.


This is the exterior of the dive shop.

IMG_5605 IMG_5608

IMG_5696 IMG_5674 IMG_5670 IMG_5662 IMG_5643


  • A modern toilet and shower building seperate for male and female, where you can take a shower after your diving trip.

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  • A lounge corner where you can order some drinks and look into our books and laptop to find out more about your latest discovered creatures. Of course you can also hang out at the Precious Garden Beach Bar which is just a few steps away.

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  • A washing and rinsing corner with deep and shallow rinse tanks. Also sprayers are installed, to wash away sand and salt from your equipments. after diving, your beloved gears are carried to the rinsing room by our staff. There you can wash your own gears or have the job done by our gear maintainance specialist, off course free of charge. You can dry your gears overnight in our locked and guarded drying room.

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  • We have many small repair stuff for sale for repairing your equipment. Specialized parts can be ordered and are mostly in stock within the same day or next 2 days. For the meantime you can use our rental gears, free of charge.