Diving FAQ

Can we rent gears?
We have a wide variety of rentals.

  • BCD’s are Aquatec, and ScubaPro
  • Reg’s are Cressi
  • Masks mixed ScubaMax, Tusa, Mares…
  • Suunto computers
  • Boots, fins and 3mm long tech-wetsuits from aqualung
  • Mixed brands torches
  • Recompression chamber

Davao has no recompression chamber. The nearest one is in Cebu. There are rumors about a recompression chamber expected to come in Davao, but no confirmation yet. If you got the money or good insurance, then they bring you with the helicopter to Cebu. We advice all our divers to get a D.A.N. Insurance. They are reasonable priced and they have the best contacts to get you to the chamber within a couple of hours.

You are very much welcome to give a tip to our staff, if you are happy with the services they offer. Our staff has made their own tip sharing system. They share every tip amongs all of them, up to the toilet maintenance.

We teach from Open water up to Dive Master. We work with S.D.I. More information on www.tdisdi.com We have a comfortable classroom at Samal watersports dive shop in Precious Garden hotel and we teach also in Samal Island Huts. Depends where you are staying.

Water temperature
The watertemperature is the year around 28 to 29 degrees Celcius. (82F. to 84F)

Davao Gulf has its own micro climate. It’s mountains protect the island from most of the typhoons. The weather is all year around suitable for diving. January to end of July seem to be the dryest months and have the best visibility. The other months have more rain, mostly in the evening.

Marine life and critters
All life can be found all year around. We have specialized spotters who find the best for you in our many dive spots.

Visibility is all year around between 8 and 40 meters. Less visibility after heavy rains. In general the visibility is goog to very good all year around.