Diving Operation

If you want to Dive Davao, you’re at the right address. Samal Watersports goes diving in Davao Gulf every day with a minimum of 3 divers per boat. If 1 or 2 divers get a boat private, an extra boat charge will appear. If you are alone you don’t need to worry, just contact us what days you wanna dive. We put you on the waiting list and we try to find more divers to join you. All our dive trips depart in the morning and come back in the evening.

We pick-up at Davao and Samal Island so if you are staying in Davao City or at Samal Island doesn’t matter. Just let us know if you stay at Davao or Samal Island.

The pick-up point for Davao City is Davao boat club. Davao boat club is at Lizada Village, Lanang. The Davao boat club is just before Pearl Farm Davao. We can also pick you up at Davao Waterfront Hotel.

The pick-up point in Samal Island is Precious Garden of Samal or Babak pier. Let us know where you stay and maybe we can even pick you up at your resort. We pick up at Island French Resort, Sunset Beach, Camp Holiday, Mahan Garden Resort, Isla Beach, Caliclic el Paril, Blue Jazz, Paradise Island, Sonrisa, Chemas by the Sea and more resorts at Samal Island.

Samal Island is very big. To give you an idea, Samal Island is bigger then Singapore in land mass. Dive spots are far away from each other so the boat can’t come back after every dive. On every trip you get the chance to do 2 or 3 dives.

Your market fresh lunch is fresh cooked on the boat. We make sure there is always a variety of fish, meat, veggies and potatoes or rice. If you have any special requests or requirements, you can order the day before at the dive shop, or bring your own lunch-pack from the hotel.

We also offer night diving and multiple day ”Dive Safaris”. On our Safaris you have the choice how you overnight. Either in on of the hotels on our route, or at the boat in a hammock. An extra charge will appear if you stay at a hotel. Amount depending on location. All our 3 day trips are full board. Please e-mail for quotations and/or more information.

Sure you’ll find cheaper but you cant find better. ”Top quality is our standard.”