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  1. We loved our stay at Precious Garden resort and the dives with Samal Watersports. The food was excellent and we loved the activities. They were an adventure!

  2. I did my open water course while staying at precious garden resort. It was a great experience. The instructor and dive master are very good and they made me feel comfortable at all times. Now that iam certified iam going diving frequently with them. Every dive is a new experience. As a future marine biologist i need to know about marine life. After every dive, the instructor east shows me in the books what i have seen. Thanks a lot to the samal watersports staff.

  3. Staying at Samal Island Huts and diving with the team from Samal Watersports was the perfect combo for me – if you want to visit Samal then this is THE place to be. The service from the diving team, the food on the boat, everything was perfect.

    Samal Island Huts felt like home, only better … perfect service and great atmosphere. Previously I stayed at Alona Beach (Bohol) which is a perfect place for the spoiled tourist, and Samal is a bit different, but staying at Samal Island Huts made all the difference – it made Samal just as enjoyable as Alona Beach if not more so.

    Something to keep in mind: the location is very practical, being not too far from the Babak downtown area which is about the only area on Samal where you have facilities like shops and all – most other hotels and resorts are remote from any practical facilities that you would need because that’s how it works at Samal, everything is spread out wide and far.

    If you want to go to Samal, don’t think twice – go to Samal Island Huts and dive with the team from Samal Watersports.

  4. Samal has really amazing divespots., full off critters. Exellent and proffessional divemaster East. Helpfull boatcrew.
    And last but no least a very nice boss!!!!
    Also fine staying in the Samal Islands huts, where you will be spoiled by Kimmy, Zoe, Adrien and all the other members off the staff.
    Hoi PJ,
    Mooie website!!!!!!!!
    Succes en veel duikgasten gewenst.
    Hou die mooie blauw geringde octopus vast tegen als we in november afkomen

  5. 2013년 7월 나홀로 SWC 를 이용한 한국인 다이버입니다
    PJ 덕분에 너무나 황홀한 휴가를 보낼 수 있었습니다
    투어객이 나 혼자였기도 했지만 PJ 가족들과 함께 너무 가족적인 분위기에 행복한 투어였네요
    가이드를 담당한 East 의 실력도 정말 일품이었고 너무 행복했습니다
    시설도 매우 신경쓴듯한 느낌을 곳곳에서 느낄 수 있었고 매우 만족스러웠습니다
    무엇보다 고객을 중심으로 매우 탄력적으로 운영되는 시스템이 매우 만족스러웠습니다
    덕분에 아주 행복한 추억을 만들었네요

  6. A friend and I stayed a few days at Precious Garden and we had a good time. Everything is great except for the room’s decoration at the Precious Garden twin room (terrible, to be honest. Please do something about it).

    And we spent 3 days diving with Samal Watersports, the dive shop inside the resort. GREAT EXPERIENCE. The owner, PJ is a young, friendly and fun guy. His crew is perfect inside and outside the boat, and the food and drinks are amazing.

    Besides, he sails you to remote diving sites, where no other dive shop goes. The eastern coast of Samal is one of the best places to dive I have ever been.

    Congratulations, PJ. All the best

    • Hi Javier,

      Thanks for the nice comment and your advice. Room decoration has been updated and some colorful paintings are added in every room at Precious Garden. Try next time also Samal Island Huts and Island French Resort. We hope to dive with you guys soon again! ! ! Thanks for coming

  7. Lucking liyers at Monfort bat sanctuares tell price as they wish, and it will be two or three times bigger to foreingers.. Enjoy Pilippines.

    • Hi ALex. The monfort bat Sanctuary have a fixed price which is posted on their entrance. They are approved by department of tourism. No higher price will, or can be charged. All info on this website is independent and written by myself, PJ from Samal Watersports (also foreigner). I put all this information on this website as a guidance for our divers and clients who stay in one of our hotels. I have warned on this site for motorcycle drivers who raise prices for foreigners (and even for locals not from Davao) but have never heard of Monfort bat cave raising the price for Foreigners. I have send 100s of tourist there and never had a bad experience. Sorry for your bad experience at Monfort Bat cave. According to me, they are doing a fantastic job there in maintaining the area and conserving the habitat of the bats.

  8. we spent a very good time in samal huts and diving with P J and his very professional staff was great.
    macro dive lovers will find here in samal their paradise and samal watersports must be your guide to get in !
    thanks to every body

  9. We did 2 fun dives with PJ and his crew and had a great time! Everyone was really friendly and they made us a fantastic lunch on board the dive boat. We were lucky to spot a school of black jacks which swam right past us.

    We stayed at the Island French Resort, which also had very nice food.

    The Montfort Bat Cave was a nice place to visit. Just a 20 minute walk away.

    Thanks guys!

  10. There were four of us women who chose this outfit for our intro dive yesterday (10.31.14) We had the experience of a lifetime. The boat crew were attentive and courteous, the food was fantastic and plentiful, the boat was comfortable and pleasant. The dive: spectacular!! My dive guide was amazing! patient, attentive, professional, care for safety, knowledgable. What we was under the sea was beyond what I can describe. We also had plenty of snorkeling and some kayaking. What a wonderful day! Salamat Po, Samal Water Sports!

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