How to get there

Coming to Samal Island Huts is really easy.

  • From the airport

Take a taxi to Sasa area. Tell the taxi driver your want to go to the Samal ferry boat. Tell him clearly you need the big ferry boat barge which goes to Camp Holiday, Samal Island. The ferry boat that also transports the cars and buses.

Let the taxi drop you of at the entrance of the ferry boat. The ride from the airport to the ferry boat will cost you in between Php. 90 – 110

Walk into the pedestrian lane to enter the ferry boat. You will pay Php. 10

Once in Samal you have to walk to the exit (100M). At the exit you will see a phoenix gasoline station. In front of that you have the waiting area for the back ride motorcycles, Locally called Habal-Habal . A bit further you have the waiting area for the side-car motorcycles. This are the only 2 ways of transportation at Samal Island. There are no taxis, jeepneys or other ways of transport.

Tell the motorcycle or Side-car driver you want to go to Samal Island Huts. Locals know it better as the ”House of PJ”. All drivers should know. If they dont know you can tell them to bring you to Caliclic, Purok 2, a bit passed the shipyard. The sign-board of Samal Watersports and Samal Island Huts will be seen once you are passed the shipyard.

  • A motorcycle to Samal Island huts cost Php.20 per person. Its not required but appreciated to pay Php.30 at night.
  • A tricycle to Samal Island Huts will cost Php. 100 for the whole tricycle. The nr of people doesn’t matter.

For more info about how to get on Samal Island click HERE


Welcome to Samal Island Huts