Regular Diving Trips

  • Intro dive course at 1,800 pesos incl. lunch
  • Snorkeling, Island Hopping at 1,000 pesos incl. lunch
  • 2 certified dives at 2,500 pesos incl. lunch
  • 3 certified dives at 3,100 pesos incl. lunch
  • Night Dive at 1,500 pesos / dive

* Use of diving equipment is FREE except for underwater flashlights and dive computers

* Dive computer rental Php. 300/day

* Dive Flashlight rental Php. 300/day batteries included

* Less 200 pesos if no lunch requested

* We have snorkels and a kayak on board to entertain the non-divers


Island Hopping Trips (Boat trips to different destinations)

  • Join the dive-boat to go snorkeling on different destinations. Free use of our kayak, Free use of snorkel sets. Big barbeque lunch included. Fruits in the morning and in the afternoon also included. Free drinks and mineral water. 1,000 pesos / person.


3-day Dive Safari

  • 8 dive, 3-day, 2-night
  • 20,000 Pesos / person for 1 person.
  • 18,000 Pesos / person for 2 persons.
  • 15,000 Pesos / person for 3 persons or more.

Dive Safaris include all meals and drinks starting day 1 lunch, up to and including day 3 lunch. Minimum 2 persons per boat or look on our home page for organized trips where even single persons can join in. A must try experience for every diver.

We bring generator on the boat. So you can charging your things on the boat at the night.

More info in faqs or email…

Sure you’ll find cheaper but you cant find better.


”Top quality is our standard.”