Kayak at Samal Island. Paddle around with a kayak and enjoy Samal Island from the ocean. Don’t under estimate Samal Island. The coast line all around the Island is more the 120kms. Its impossible to go around Samal Island with just a kayak. A really nice trip to do with the Kayak is Vanishing Island. This island is near the Samal Watersports dive shop. You can rent the kayak and go there on your own. Vanishing Island is a sand strip which submerges if high-tide. It has a cottage on stilts for visitors and a house on stilts where a caretaker lives. Further the Island is home for several mangrove trees. Try to go there if low-tide so that you can fully enjoy the island.


Kayaks are available at he Samal Watersports dive shop located at the beach area of Precious Garden Hotel and Beach Resort.

3-hours / Php. 500

Whole day / Php. 800


Inflatable Kayaks are available at Island French Resort.

1-hours / Php. 150

Half day / Php. 500

Island French Resort Beach