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This guide will help you to determine whats the best hotel of choice for your needs.


1. Precious Garden Hotel and Beach Resort

Precious Garden is at Barangay Miranda, Babak. In the center in between Samal Island Huts and Island French Resort. Just 5 mins away from the town of Babak. The dive shop is located directly at the beach of Precious Garden. This is obviously the most convenient place to stay for divers. Eat, sleep and dive packages coming soon! !

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2. Samal Island Huts

This little family owned guesthouse is located in Barangay Caliclic, 5 minutes away from the ferry boat. The Samal Watersports dive shop is 5kms away from here or about 10 minutes by car. The guest house ran by Kim, the wife of PJ (Samal Watersports owner). PJ goes every day diving so divers can join the car to the dive shop. The place is perfect for divers who like to stay long term or love to stay with the Samal Watersports owner and most probably other divers.

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3. Island French Resort

This family ran hotel is located 10 minutes away from the Samal Watersports dive shop. Don’t hesitate to book you diving holiday at the Island French Resort. The resort delivers you every morning to the dive shop for your diving trip.

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