Island French Resort

Welcome to the island French Resort.

The entrance gate of Island French Resort at Samal Island

The Island French Resort is about 5 km away from the Samal Watersports dive shop. For divers who book the French Resort on this website, free transportation to the dive shop and back to the French Resort is provided. Its just a 5 minute ride.

The reception of Island French Resort Samal Island The reception of Island French Resort Samal Island

The Island French Resort is a nice and quiet place near the Bat Cave, fronting Vanishing Island, and just ten minutes away from the Ferry Boat terminal. Island French Resort offers a private beach, two swimming pools, one for your children and the other for adults for you to spend pleasant moments. The restaurant offers Filipino and French specialties. The cottages provide the comfort needed to rest and relax. Beautiful architecture and stylish interior makes this place extra special. Their own private motor banka (local motor boat) awaits you daily to make a trip to Vanishing Island or to the nearest marine sanctuary where you can enjoy snorkeling. For those who prefer to go on tour around the island, we offer tours by car for you to see the beauty of the island. Snorkeling trips at Vanishing Island and nearby sanctuaries are done by Island French Resort. Samal Watersports does snorkeling and diving at the dive spots around Samal Island.