How to get there

This page explains you how to get at Island French Resort from one of the Samal ports. If You dont know yet how to get in Samal, then go to “About Samal” and then select “How to get on Samal Island”. All information to get into both ports is there.

The most convinient port to get to Island French Resort is the “Sasa, Km. 11 Wharf. This is where motorboats are available to ferry passengers direct to Babak wharf which is less then 5 Km. away from Precious Garden Beach Resort. Pls be informed that you will have to pass through the wet market of Sasa. You will have to carry your luggage on through the wet small streets where big crowds of people are together. For a more comfortable ride, ask the taxi to bring you to the big ferry boat which also transports the busses and cars. The Big ferry Boat (called barge) is more comfortable but the point of arrival in Samal is “Kinawitnon at camp holiday”, this is a bit longer tricycle ride to Island French Resort, but advisable if you have lots of luggage.


-Sasa Km. 11 Wharf with small passenger ferry boats

  1. Starts at Km. 11 Inside the wet market of Sasa
  2. Price is Php. 13
  3. Arrival is Babak pier directly at the town of Babak
  4. Take a tricycle (side car motorcycle) to Island French Resort for about Php.150 (per tricycle)


- The Big ferry Boat (called barge)

  1. Starts at Km. 11. The big fery has its own Davao City pier. Tell the taxi driver clearly you need the big ferry boat that also transports cars and busses. You can just enter and walk onto the ferry boat.
  2. Price is 10 pesos
  3. Arrival is in Kinawitnon, Samal. This is a bit further from Island French Resort than the small ferry boat.
  4. Take a tricycle (side car motorcycle) to Island French Resort for about Php.200 (per tricycle)
  5. If the tricycle driver doesnt know “Island French Resort”, tell him its in barangay Tambo, just next to “Marex”.


Once again. My advice is to take the big ferry boat to Samal Island if you have lots of luggage. If you just have a backpack, you can take the small one.