Restaurant and Bar

Welcome to the Restaurand of Island French Resort.

Chef Amay’s unpretentious attitude in the kitchen is a refreshing contrast to the smoothed-down elegance of his French Style restaurant. Despite the polished staff, glasses and cutlery, a meal here leaves you with a sense of fun and satisfaction. The menu keeps pace with the markets availability and many ingredients are sourced locally.

Island French Resort Restaurant and Bar

Let Chef Amay spoil your taste buds in a stylish enviroment.

Island French Resort Restaurant and Bar Island French Resort Restaurant and Bar


For your convenience the menu.




Calamares (fried squid rings)             175.00

Basic Crudités (raw marinated vegetables)   175.00


Avocado and Romaine Salad  220.00

Carrot and Mango Salad        220.00

Lettuce Salad  235.00


Carrot soup     175.00

Corn soup        150.00

Pumpkin soup  175.00

Sinigang soup (fish, shrimp)   175.00



Légumes (Vegetables)

Chop suey        Seafood           210.00

                        Pork     180.00

                        Chicken           180.00

Pinakbet (assortment of sautéed veg. w/ salted shrimps)

Pork or fish      180.00

Homemade Pizza        325.00

Homemade Fries        110.00

French Omelette         175.00


Poisson grille selon arrivage (Grilled fish as available          180.00

Joue de thon grille (Grilled tuna Jaw) /kilo    375.00

Sirloin Croquettes (beef pattiesin bread crumbs)      215.00

Steak au Poivre (beef steak with cognac)      975.00

Salade de poisson cru (Fish kinilaw)   210.00

Poulet a la diable (spicy chicken fillet in bread crumbs)       175.00

Steak frites (Beef steak with fries)     475.00

Spaghetti bolognaise  240.00

Barbecue (pork, chicken)        110.00

Seafood barbecue       135.00

Curry de poulet (Chicken curry)         190.00

Calamares Grillé (Grilled squid)         180.00

Calamars Farcis (Squid stuffed with rice & vegetables)        250.00

Calamars Sautée au l’ail & piment (Squid in chili garlic sauce)        210.00

Crevettes Sautée au l’ail & piment (Shrimps in chili garlic sauce)    210.00


Crêpes aux chocolat (chocolate crepes)        150.00

Crêpes a la mangue (mango crepes)             150.00

Crêpes aux durian (durian crepes)     175.00

Crêpes aux salade de fruits (fruit salad crepes)        175.00

Crêpes a la marmalade d’orange et chocolat                       175.00

Fruit Shakes

Watermelon shake     150.00

Mango shake  160.00

Durian shake   180.00

Pineapple shake          160.00

Banana shake  150.00


Assorted fresh fruits   160.00

Banana split    195.00

Fruit salad       180.00

Ice cream        110.00

Boissons / Drinks

Coke, sprite, royal in can        45.00

Coke 1.5 liters110.00

San mig light & pilsen in can  75.00

Heinekin beer in can   110.00

Juice in can     45.00

Fresh orange juice      160.00

Mango juice    110.00

Corona beer    140.00


Island French Resort Restaurant and Bar Island French Resort Restaurant and Bar