How to get there?

There are many different ways to get into Samal Island Huts after your airport arrival.

  1. You inform us in advance with all flight details and we arrange an airport pick-up. You are brought straight to the hotel with a maximum 4 passenger in an airconditioned car. (1500 pesos)
  2. You ride a taxi from Davao airport to the Samal Island, Camp holiday ferry boat (150 pesos). Tell the taxi driver clearly you want to ride the big ferry boat which also transports cars. Then walk on the ferry boat and ride to Samal (10 pesos). Once in Samal you will see our car waiting at the exit for your pre-arranged pick-up (free). Or you ride a side-car motorcycle known as tricycle. Just tell the driver Samal Island Huts in Caliclic. (50-100peso)
  3. At the airports there are also van’s waiting. The price is normally 2500 peso for a delivery in Samal Island Huts. You can easaly hagle with them to 1800 peso.

What is the language on the island?

Citizens in Samal speak Visayan. Visayan is one of the many dialects in the Philippines. The national language in the Philippines is Tagalog. Schools are in Tagalog and English in the Philippines. Almost every Filipino understands english and most of them also speak.

Is there Malaria and Dengue?

There are no cases of malaria reported in Samal and Davao. In the rainy season there are some cases of Dengue. All we advice is to put some mosquito reppellant on your uncovered body parts.

How to get around on Samal Island?

There are no taxi’s on the island. The main way of transportation is riding at the back of a motorcycle. This kind of transportation is here called habal-habal. There are also side-car motorcycles available in the towns.

If you bring your international plus your local licence, then you can use one of the hotel’s motorcycles. Use of the motorcycles is free of charge but of course at own risk.